Sports management

Management of athletes and coaches

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Coaching & Leadership

Career and leadership coaching

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Legal advice and assistance for sports professionals

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Wealth management

Asset management, advice and structures & Family Office

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Sports Management


Management and advice to athletes and coaches

Promotion of the image

Promotion of the image of athletes, coaches and clubs through media and social networks


Clubs, athletes and coaches search

Placements, transfers and training camps

Organisation of athlete placements, transfers and of training camps, in Switzerland and abroad

Training and nutrition

Solutions for specific and individualized training, physical preparation and advice in nutrition

Non-sporting support and monitoring

Housing, re-location, health, insurances, retirement planning, tax, banking

Coaching & Leadership

Career planning


From the beginning To help plan an ideal start

Orientation of training for elite sportspeople, personalized coaching, time management


During the career To continue the development

Mental training, performance and lifestyle coaching, identification and selection of parallel professional education


Following a sports career bouncing back

Career change, transitional and transformational coaching

Coaching, Leadership and Development

Assessment of skills & competences , career and leadership management and coaching for athletes and coaches

Psychometric tests

Personality analysis, typology and cognitive testing.

Private placement and employment services

Private placement and employment services and professional re-integration


Organisation of seminars and career leadership workshops

Legal services

Legal advice

Legal advice for sports professionals, in particular for athletes, clubs, national and international federations


Assistance and representation in contentious and disciplinary proceedings, in particular in doping cases, before judicial or arbitration courts


Negotiating and drafting of all types of contracts, including sponsorship, labor, transfer contracts


Civil and criminal liability of athletes, spectators and organizers of sports events

Wealth management

Management, advice and structures

Asset management, advice in investment and asset allocation, creation and administration of asset holding structures

Family Office

Overall management of the family patrimony and of the matrimonial, inheritance, tax, furniture, real estate, banking and insurance aspects


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